You'd need to know Sophie's birthday to know that she's not a n ordinary Cancerian; known to retreat into their shells, Sophie is not shy to be in the limelight. She's hasn’t been afraid to climb the career ladder and work hard for what she wants the most, despite any obstacles that she may have come across. Sure, she might take a break every now and then to cosy up with a comfy pair of PJ's and watch a good movie. 

Sophie has wonderful loyal morals, she believes that everyone has their own opinion on their believes and views. She's passionate about animals rights and although a large amount of things have changed over the past few years, thinks there is still so many more changes that could be made to stop things such as animal cruelty. 

Sophie is also a secret traveller and she could visit one country, she'd probably go to Bora Bora . So hopefully in the future! But for now, Sophie is enjoying a personal career path. 

Seeing Maddison Skies like one big happy family and really rewarding, Sophie hopes they will become successful, but knows they're just at the beginning so will have to take everything in baby steps and see what the future has to hold because ‘all good things take time’. 

"I want people to look at Maddison Skies and instantly think of positive things. The message we are trying to send, not only as a band, but also as three amazing friends is that everything happens for a reason. Life may not run as smoothly as you hoped, but take each day as it comes remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

If I had to describe Maddison Skies in three words it would be positive, fun and entertaining. We are all very bubbly people and I hope that this shows in through our work".