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We Love fashion

Fashion Influences

When it comes to fashion, all of the girls are completely unique. Thea’s aesthetic is glamorous, glitzy and classy but she is also partial to a biker jacket and a pair of Docs. Some of her influences include Freddy Cousin Brown, In The Frow and Kylie Jenner.

Gracie-May loves a splash of colour in her wardrobe and can often be seen in bell-bottoms, mom jeans, skirts and dresses. Also, there’s nothing she loves more than a bandanna or a hair clip to jazz up her look. Gracie loves to experiment with fashion and has no influences as she’s all about building her own, individual style.

Erin prefers soft and comfortable fabrics overall. She also loves a good, old-fashioned vintage store where she can find someone old to make new again. A couple of her influences include Ariana Grande and Mads Lewis but again, Erin is all about being unique. She mixes her styles up and can go from edgy to glam, comfy to magical at the drop of a hat.

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