Gracie May

Certain trends from the ’70s have worked their way back into fashion through Gracie’s wardrobe with bell-bottoms being a main feature. Stylish skirts and dresses are also a staple, along with mom jeans - a ‘90s comeback. To tame her curly and sometimes out of control hair, Gracie wears an array of different hair accessories including clips and bandanas, a nice little touch to any outfit. 


My Favourite 

Favourite Drinks 

The Healthy Option




TV Show



When it comes to clothes, I love colour

Pink Or Red

Gracie isn’t influenced by anyone in particular when it comes to the world of fashion. She is all about building her own unique style and finding what works for her, finding a piece that she really likes and making an outfit from it.

Favourite Artists



I am definitely not a morning person, unless it’s a special occasion! 

Some of my favourite memories come from performing, like when I opened a west end live performance, when I performed at the royal Albert hall, or when I did my first west end show!